Last date of Paper Submission:15th February 2018
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9-10th March, 2018
Who We Are

Cancer Care Nepal (CCN) is a non-profitable and nongovernmental organization (NGO) established on 2065(2009) and registered (26927) in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal. The aim of this NGO is to create awareness, conduct preventive screening, and cancer related health camps in different parts of the country. CCN has been actively involved in different awareness activities and interaction program in co-operation with the local communities and equally involving the community to make them aware about the seriousness of the disease. Knowledge of comprehensive cancer awareness, prevention and treatment are the exclusive areas for the cancer care Nepal in respect of cancer control. Cancer control is a social movement where Cancer Care Nepal play pivotal role. Recently CCN have launched home hospice care identifying the need of palliative / end of life care in this field so that this will help improve the quality of individual life and help them die with dignity.

CCN objectives

  • To conduct cancer awareness program in different places.
  • To plan, implement and promote Cancer Screening programs.
  • Early detection and referral of the cases.
  • To provide needful treatment to the patient and clients.
  • To provide palliative and end of life care to those with terminal illness.
  • To provide training to different field of health persons.

Area and Population Served

CCN cancer program serves the individual residing in any part of the country (Nepal) having diagnosed to have cancer. The diagnosed patient will receive treatment at National Cancer Hospital (NCH) which is CCN’s sister organization. Our mission is to serve the individual having cancer in the holistic approach for their treatment, which includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative care and end of life care.

Services Available

  • Proper diagnosis of the Cancer.
  • Proper staging and plan of treatment.
  • Providing chemotherapy
  • Providing radiotherapy
  • Toxicities management
  • Coping with cancer
  • Supportive management
  • Cancer survivorship
  • Creating support group/counselling.
  • Long term follow up.
  • Palliative and end of life care.

CCN plan and description

Our team of expert physicians working at NCH will carry out the detailed work up of the patient including the investigations, plan and course of management be decided by the multidisciplinary tumor board. The patient will be then receiving the treatment as per the protocol considering in mind the various factors Viz performance status, stage of the disease, patient and family members wish and expectation towards the disease and the treatment. 

CCN has achieved a milestone in cancer care by collaborating with Ministry of Health (MOH), government of Nepal. MOH role in enrolling CCN as a part of national leader in cancer care is highly applauding. As per the decision of the MOH, each cancer patient will receive a token money of Rs 1 lakh to be spent during the course of treatment through ( Bipanna sahayog Kosh). This service is available in CCN through NCH apart from all other government hospitals in the country.

CCN mobilizes its Human Resources, NCH medical team, successful community peers (influential individual with cancer or without cancer and cancer survivor and their families) to mentor and motivate participants in the program as well as making the most of existing agency resources and mobilizing volunteer workers.

CCN will continue to support the individual for lifelong follow up and survivorship programme.

Future Plans

Private fundraising, country, state and federal funding/grants are being sought to continue the programs. Cancer Care Nepal is providing free service to ultra poor citizen through National Hospital and Cancer Research Centre given by Government of Nepal. We are proud to say that demand of this service has been unexpectedly high within short period of time. Unfortunately current factual scenario is that we are unable to provide radiotherapy service, although its demand is rising day-by-day. Due to inadequate fund and expensive radiotherapy machine we have been unwillingly transferring patients to other hospitals giving such services.

With detail homework we are interested to focus on programme that will help us to establish the radiotherapy facility which is an integral part of cancer treatment and this will have hugh positive impact on the patient who are unable the bear the economic burden of the cancer treatment, as we provide our service at no or very nominal cost. And we have the back up of the fund provided by the government through “Bipanna Kosh“.